Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Interview

Ten Ton Hammer is offering up a brief interview with Games Workshop's Jon Gillard about what it takes to create a Warhammer MMORPG that lives up to its tabletop roots.
First off, I wanted to know whether each of the character classes in the game are supposed to represent the more (elite) troops you find in the Warhammer tabletop game. From what I'm familiar with, in the standard Warhammer game, you have your common (rank-and-file) troops and then you have your bigger, nastier guys that are in your army. To me, it seems like it wouldn't make sense to translate a common soldier to a game where you're playing a (hero), but perhaps EA Mythic had altered the original design of certain characters to really make that class work.

I turned the question to Jon, who responded quickly. (It's a mixed bag,) Jon said. (I think what they've done is take things that would make good character classes. This has been the overriding idea for us the whole way through where we [Games Workshop] say, '˜Use the background, use the world, use the lore, but make a good MMOG.' This is always our take on any computer games or any licenses that we doll out.)