Tabula Rasa Q&A #5

WarCry continues their Tabula Rasa Q&A series with a fifth interview directed at NCsoft community manager April Burba.
Q: Now that closed Beta is well underway with thousands of invites having gone out, can you give us a specific example of how tester feedback has made an impact? Is there a particular issue that was changed directly due to player feedback, that retail players can thank (or blame) the beta testers for?

A: Increased character customization immediately comes to mind. The original plan was that everyone would start out with the same 'uniform' and only really customize their gender, hair and overall body size. Now we are adding in things like facial hair, eye patches, goggles, various clothes and coloring options. So yes, you can blame the beta testers for any space pirates you come across.

Players have also made great suggestions about various UI changes, adding more functionally with regard to Logos, more story elements, and they have given tons of great feedback on the tutorial that are all being added to the game.

The players also took us to task for adjusting the XP curve too severely to the 'slow' side. This has recently been readjusted to be faster.