Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

GameSpy is offering up a quick preview of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, after checking out the action RPG sequel firsthand at the Leipzig Games Convention. Well, technically it's a prequel:
Actually it won't be a sequel, but a prequel of the first game. Even though the developers haven't revealed much about the story, we now know for sure that Sacred 2 will take place hundred of years before the events of Sacred.

That's all we got to know about the storyline, but the developers were far more generous in giving up info when it came to the gameplay. There will be six different characters to choose from, and over 400 quests to accomplish during the game. But the real challenge is the huge world the player will roam: an enormous and really detailed world, all in 3D, with geography will vary from forests to deserts to populous cities. And if that's not enough, this huge world has actually doubled in size thanks to the complex network of dungeons that runs beneath its surface.