Alien Syndrome Review

The editors at Deeko have written up a somewhat mediocre review of Sega's Alien Syndrome, giving the Wii version of the action RPG an overall score of 5.5/10.
I will admit that the original Alien Syndrome wasn't really all that amazing. In fact, it was a very average game that happened to be pretty fun - for the time. In reinventing the past, Sega hasn't really done much to recapture that feeling and while the original title may have been mediocre as well, it still had more of a sense of accomplishment. This isn't the worst game I've played, nor is it the worst sequel that I've ever seen, but it just doesn't end up being as much fun as it could have been nor does it ever attempt to use the parts that it tries so hard to develop, such as creating a character. All in all, it's a game you'll more than likely want to pass on, even if you're a die-hard fan of the original.