Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Developer Diary #3

RPGDot brings us a third developer diary for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, in which graphics designer Simon Trumpler talks about the art of bug squashing.
Once a month, there is a time window. It stays open for seven days, and within the initiates' circles it's known as "recap week". It is a time in which developers such as we may change shape and use the true power of the Ant' ibuk. We stop creating pleasures for eyes, ears and palate, pore over bug reports and exterminate every heinous bug we may find.

Mercilessly, we hunt them down with red hot bug trackers, let artists delete them in cold blood, allow coders to overwrite them without remorse, and permit level designers to tear them to shreds. Afterwards, wandering over the fields of destruction the elite makes sure that every single minion of darkness has been annihilated.