Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Interview

Killer Betties had the chance to chat with Sacred 2 project lead Peter Kullgard about the team's upcoming action RPG sequel for both the Xbox 360 and PC.
Q: What's the interface going to be for combat? Is it going to be the straight point-and-click (because based on videos there looks to be charged attacks as well)? Also, what combat will be available outside of melee, and will it handle any differently?

A: Sacred is always focused on straight action gameplay. Most of the characters have strong close combat abilities and every character has something magical to fight with. Each of the three aspects of each character offers a special combat style. Some are more offensive; some are more tactical.

Our combat moves all work with close combat and ranged weapons. It will be a tactical decision of the player that determines how he wants to fight.

Sacred 2 will also strongly support team gameplay. There are combat arts that work perfectly for assisting in a tactical team.