Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

Eurogamer has taken a closer look at Ascaron Entertainment's upcoming action RPG sequel, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.
Sacred II also promises a level of customisation of individual skills which is rarely found in games of this type. Each time you upgrade a skill, you'll be presented with a number of different options for what kind of upgrade you want to apply, rather than simply following a linear path. For example, when taking a Fireball spell up a level, you might have to choose between simply levelling up the same spell, giving a more potent fireball; or turning it into a multi-shot fireball; or perhaps making it into a homing fireball.

The choices you make will fundamentally change the strengths and weaknesses of your character, which could arguably be seen as Sacred II's compensation for pre-rolling the six playable characters in the game rather than giving the player massive freedom at the outset. Ascaraon claims that this means that once you get into the game, any two Shadow Warriors (for example) could be completely different from one another, despite being the same class.