Loki Previews

Both Jolt Online Gaming and Eurogamer have put together hands-on previews of Cyanide's mythology-based action RPG, Loki. An excerpt from Jolt's preview:
The game uses a mixture of magic and physical combat arts, and you can expect all manner of enemies later in the game, from centaurs to mummies and even giant spiders, as well legendary figures and events including Achilles and the Siege of Troy. As ever with such games, there are plenty of items with which to customise your characters 15 classes of armour and over 500 unique items, for example although don't expect quite the same drop rates you might have experienced in similar games. The game does not want to slow you down by making you clear up a ton of loot after every encounter, it seems.

And a snip from Eurogamer's:
The same design concepts extend into the game's character progression system, which is focused around the idea of worship. In each zone of the game, you can choose between three different gods to worship - each of whom will grant you various powers and spells as you continue to worship them. The quid pro quo is that you have to allocate a quarter of your experience points to worshipping; so by opting to worship nobody, you'll level up faster, but won't gain access to the new spells. It's a delicate balance to strike, but, again, it's more a refinement of existing systems than anything else - the whole three-gods decision isn't dissimilar to the three talent trees that exist for each class in World of Warcraft, for example.