Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Preview

GamersInfo.net has whipped up their own preview of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, after seeing the game firsthand at EA Mythic's recent Games Day press event.
There are two things that stick out as different when it comes to the initial levels of WAR versus other MMORPGs. The first is the fact that you're immediately thrown into the battles between your race and their racial enemies. (Each race is paired with an "enemy race" Humans vs. Chaos, Dwarves vs. Greenskins, Elves vs. Dark Elves.) The second is that you're so busy doing stuff that you're not looking at how fast you're leveling or whatever you're just having fun!

The first one is clear immediately. One of my first tasks was to go down and bash in a few Dwarven heads. Having done that, I needed to gather up mud so I can splatter it on Dwarven statues to make them more like Gork or Mork, the orcish gods and then I went down to the river, smashed open barrels that had, well, dwarves in them, and while the dwarves were still dizzy, kill them! Finishing that off it was over to check out some wounded orcs. A wounded orc is supper, really, so you take their choppas (their blades) and offer to eat them.