Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Previews

Three more hands-on previews of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning have surfaced, all of which are based on the recent Games Day press event in Baltimore, MD. The first is at MMORPG.com:
The starting area generated a level one character, while in PvP, we were given level twenty characters to play with. At this point, the Dwarves and Empire were playable for the side of Order while Orcs (Greenskins) and Chaos were playable for the Destruction side. In the end, there will be four basic class types: a damage dealer, a damage absorber (he can shield other players and attack) a ranged attacker, and a healer/buff class which can also fight. Everyone Fights! Not all classes within each race were playable at this point, such as Chaos' Chosen and Empire's Knight of the Blazing Sun, which are still in development. There was still plenty to choose from, and so little time to play.

The second is also at MMORPG.com:
There is no doubt that Realm vs. Realm will be a driving force of WAR. Mythic's treatment of player vs. player gameplay is stellar. In my opinion Dark Age of Camelot's PVP is still the best I've ever played. WAR's PVP will be goal oriented with zone control playing a major role. For those of you out there who are worried about PVP only, or being upset about not being able to stay competitive with other players, there will an enormous amount of PVE as well. With over three hundred public quests that players can be involved in.

And the third is at AtomicGamer:
Upon logging into the character, I instantly noticed that the Dwarf area, much like the Orc one, felt full of character. The architecture looked like huge areas of expertly carved stone, with all sorts of Dwarf flavor. Anyways, this character had already been played some, so I didn't get to go off and find new quests. However, I did get to rank up and got a chance to mess around with that system a bit. At this point, I forget what I gained a (level) in, but it gave me a chance to choose from multiple different abilities or stat boosts for my character. While many of these things are still in development, I was able to get an idea for how a character may develop. Eventually, you'll be able to get all the abilities in all of the different areas this is nice since it means you won't have to worry about levelling up, say, a weapon skill as you may have in previous games. Your ability to do well in combat will come from your ability to use what you do have wisely.