Silverfall Review

The guys at RPG Watch have kicked up a somewhat mediocre review of Silverfall, giving Atari and Monte Cristo's steampunk action RPG an overall score of 3/5.
I have just spent about a thousand words decimating Silverfall for its' faults, and a few hundred before that describing my insecurity that if I stopped playing I'd never start again. I even mentioned that the multiplayer is certainly not worth the price of admission (this wasn't a big deal for me since I tend to focus on single player games) Yet you should have noticed something else - I played through the game twice, taking characters through loads of combat and exploring just about everything and getting them both above level 75. So there has to be *something* there that kept me going, right? I stayed in for the character advancement and the really cool skill system. I loved when my melee character had so many points in speed and special dual-wield attacks that a right click would close proximity fast enough that it reminded me of the Force Jump attack from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I loved tossing out spells that would decimate a whole crew of Ghost Knights.