Silverfall PSP Developer Diary

The guys at WorthPlaying have posted a new Silverfall developer diary, in which an unnamed Monte Cristo employee talks about porting the action RPG to the PSP.
One of the first to come to mind was controls. As you probably have already noticed, there is no mouse on the PSP. We had to change the whole system to allow for direct control, that is to say you don't click on a location to get your character there but move by yourself with the stick. You don't click on a monster to fight, you actually input the moves you want to make. We are not the first RPG on console to have made the transition Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance did it, for example. But this small change in the controls would lead to more, as in a butterfly effect. The camera is consequently behind your character, with two different positions: the first one is a quite classical top down view, reminiscent of isometric games; the second is a more third-person view as if you were in an action game. which incidentally gives you a much better view of how great your character looks!

Three screenshots are included, as well.