Neverwinter Nights 2 Team Q&A #1

RPG Vault is offering their first Neverwinter Nights 2 team Q&A, in which Obsidian Entertainment's Tony Evans, Brock Heinz, and Andrea Bobick answer a handful of questions about last year's RPG sequel.
Q: What do you consider to be your favorite magical items or spells in Neverwinter Nights 2, and what factors make them stand out from the many others in the game?

Tony Evans: More spoilers dead ahead!

My favorite magical item is the Silver Sword of Gith, which begins as a bunch of strange shards that you must scour the Sword Coast to collect. Eventually, you will learn how to make the blade whole again, at which point it becomes an immensely powerful weapon with never before seen special abilities.

My second favorite magical item is another special weapon, the Hammer of Ironfist. Khelgar can gain this somewhere in Act 3. The Hammer of Ironfist gains power with every swing, and when fully charged, its power can be released to devastate all the enemies surrounding the wielder.

Brock Heinz: I think my favorite spells in NWN2 are the Warlock's Eldrich Invocations. Being able to mix and match different effects with different shapes is a really fun mechanic. When you're leveling up, you can pick shapes that fit your play style. For instance, if you like to stay out of the action, Eldrich Doom is a great way to take out groups of bad guys, but if you like to go toe to toe with your enemies, Eldrich Cone can be devasting. Combining that with different Eldrich Essences gives you an Invocation for every occasion!

Andrea Bobick: I couldn't have gotten very far into the game without dual Rings of Regeneration and Re's Redemption. Just seeing the lightening fly every time I landed a hit with the latter was pure eye candy. That's probably why I always overdo it on the chain lightening. Not to mention that Wall of Flames.