RuneScape Reaches One Million Members

Jagex's official RuneScape website has been updated with an announcement that over one million members have signed up to play the free browser-based MMORPG.
RuneScape reaches one million members!

It's true... RuneScape has surpassed the Million Member milestone!!!

It has been amazing to witness the growth of such a diverse and varied community of people. To have over a million individuals enjoying the members' game for all kinds of different reasons is both hugely humbling and gratifying. It tells us our efforts are appreciated and we have you, the players, to thank for your support.

We are excited by the challenge to continue to develop the game so it simply becomes better and better. Five years on and we are more passionate about RuneScape than ever. We've come a really long way and whether you've been with us from the very start, or if you're fairly new, the incredible impact you have all had has helped shape the game into what you see today.

As the world of RuneScape has grown, so has our desire to make it an even bigger, better and more entertaining experience. We are always looking to bring fresh new ideas to the game, and RuneScape's development continues at full swing. We already have some very exciting development plans for 2007 and beyond!

Thanks again for your support. Here's to the future and the many adventures still to come!

Andrew, Paul, Constant and the whole team

Quite an amazing milestone for an advertisement-driven game.