Colony Studios Interview

GameZone has fired over several questions to Colony Studios CEO Mike Wallis about the team's newly announced MMORPG and massively multiplayer games in general.
Q: As you are not talking about the specifics of your title yet, let's talk generalities of the MMO genre. It has evolved quite a lot since the modern era began in the late 1990s. What do you still think is missing in terms of immersion?

A: Immersion is in the eye of the beholder. One player may think walking around a crowded promenade on a starship is immersive with the hustle and bustle of merchants and players all trying to get your business. Other players find PvP to be the ultimate in immersion pitting their skills against an actual human opponent. Still others find watching a sunrise crest over a mountain range to be total immersion.

It's hard to gauge what is lacking in terms of immersion in the MMO genre because of this. But, to answer your question, we feel that immersion is in the details. If we provide a robust game that doesn't skimp on the details we will also provide an immersive experience.