Dawn of Magic Review

IGN PC brings us the first online review of Dawn of Magic, giving Skyfallen's action RPG an overall score of 6.9/10.
Despite its bold proclamations of reinventing the tried and tested Diablo template, Dawn of Magic remains an RPG with more than a whiff of the past hanging around it. The range and flexibility of the spell system and the game's epic scope (both in terms of challenge and the amount of hours of gameplay) add plenty of value to the package and will no doubt satiate those of you longing for a return to the good old days of action RPG mayhem when Diablo still reigned supreme. Meanwhile, the flexible and dynamic character upgrading system does add longevity and a slant of originality. Throw in some solid multiplayer options enabling you to test out your spell combinations against fellow players and you're left with an RPG romp that entertains but never quite manages to reach magical heights.