Overlord Preview

IGN is offering up their own hands-on preview of Triumph Studios' ambitious action RPG/strategy hybrid, Overlord.
There are four different types of Minion at your disposal. Browns are the basic ones you encounter at the beginning, acting as your average run-of-the-mill plebs - quite happy to carry things around and tackle easier foes. As you progress and build up your Dark Tower though, more Minions become available. Blues are waterproof and can swim across otherwise inaccessible ponds and streams, as well as healing your troops. Reds are fireproof - ideal against fire-wielding enemies - and Greens are the most dangerous of the bunch. Acting like assassins, these are a mighty force if they can sneak up behind enemies to dish out some pain, but are weak if they're attacked from the front.

You'll also find a selection of screenshots and a trailer over at WorthPlaying.