Dawn of Magic Interview, Part One

Polish website Gry o2 has published an interview with SkyFallen's Andrzej Klimczuk about the team's upcoming action RPG, Dawn of Magic. Luckily, there's an English translation right alongside the interview:
Q: What can you tell us about the storyline in the game?

A: The Story Mode in Dawn of Magic is meant to be completed by a character with one of the three alignments.

The character with a good alignment will try to stop Modo, a powerful wizard, who was exiled to Earth from the world of Absolute, and now is trying to destroy his "prison".

The evil character will assist Modo to get part of his abilities in return. And the neutral character will try to keep the world around unchanged, balancing on the verge between Good and Evil. The world is a whole thing, with its own flow of events. And you can see them through the eyes of your character, trying to affect things around you in a way you believe proper.