Neverwinter Nights 2 v1.05 Final Patch Pulled

Obsidian Entertainment's Rob McGinnis stopped by the official Neverwinter Nights 2 forums to announce that the game's final v1.05 patch has been pulled from the servers. And for good reason:
Well, it appears there was an issue with the build process on the 1.05 patch. Our systems here didn't have a problem running the patch but, within minutes of the patch being available, people started reporting problems with the toolset not starting.

Shortly after this, a well-meaning community member published a work-around. Unfortunately the work-around may cause issues when it comes time to patch again later.

So, rather than cause a bigger issue, we have pulled the patch from the servers.

We will have a new patch available as soon as possible. The new patch should be able to be applied over the beta and today's version of 1.05 if you happened to patch already.

We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may cause you.