Silverfall Reviews

Atari and Monte Cristo's Silverfall is the subject of three more somewhat mediocre reviews. The first is at Jolt Online Gaming with an overall score of 6.8/10:
If you are a fan of action RPGs the by all means give Silverfall a look. It certainly isn't a bad game, but games like these are an acquired taste and are very difficult to recommend without first referring people to similar and ultimately better alternatives.

The second is at Gameplay Monthly with an overall score of "C+":
...if you are looking for a unique, fun experience for an RPG, one that is really good. I don't recommend this one very much. It is a pretty game, but the story is weak, its repetitive, and its lacking that special something that makes a great game. Something the Elderscrolls series has found, or some of the older, more remarkable games of our time.

And the third is at Game Vortex with an overall score of 64%:
Even with all its problems, Silverfall is still one of those games you just wish would work. It has potential to be a fun and addictive diversion; it's just a shame that you may be fighting with the game more often than the monsters.