Silverfall Reviews

Quite a few new reviews of Atari and Monte Cristo's Silverfall have made their way to the web. The first is at IGN PC with an overall score of 5.5/10:
This game needs a few more patches before it can really be called stable. Considering it doesn't really do anything new for the action-RPG genre, and screws up aspects of the genre games released a decade ago were doing quite well, there's little reason to involve yourself. It gets most of the fundamentals right, however, so it's not a complete waste. It can be a visually appealing game when the framerate isn't having epileptic fits, and offers standard action-RPG gameplay, but that doesn't excuse its numerous flaws. Go play the Titan Quest expansion instead.

The second is at The Gamers' Temple with an overall score of 60%:
There are other interface issues and annoyances in Silverfall, but I'll spare you from going into them in detail. Overall they all conspire to add too much frustration to Silverfall and the game's interesting elements just can't compete with this.

The third is at DarkZero with an overall score of 7.5/10:
There are occasional clipping errors, and the hotkey system isn't perfect, but this game is a well-rounded, fun RPG and will keep you entertained until the next big RPG comes along.

The fourth is at G4 with an overall score of 2/5:
To put it politely, Silverfall was released much too soon and (one can only hope) with too little tester feedback. Fix the navigation system, ease back on the creature auto-leveling, patch the game, and you'd be closer to something that rated three or even four stars than this unfortunate mess of a Diablo wannabe.

And the fifth is at Cheat Code Central with an overall score of 3.0/5:
For a traditional action RPG, Silverfall achieves greatness, flaws and all. The story is compelling enough to keep the interest of the story driven player, while adequately supplying the action enthusiast plenty to do. Silverfall is worth checking out just so you can say that you started at the ground level of a title that will surely grow and advance in future installments.