The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Team Q&A #2

RPG Vault has posted their second team Q&A with several members of the Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles development team.
Q: What are a few of your favorite locations in Shivering Isles, and what makes each of them notable, interesting or otherwise special for you?

Mark Lampert, Lead Sound Engineer: My favorite places in the Shivering Isles are some of the abandoned camps in the Dementia realm. A few of them have docks that extend out into the shallow water, and with all of the hanging moss in the trees and general dampness of Dementia, plus the sounds of the native insects and rumbles in the distance, I basically like to make some of those camps my own for a few days. There's just something pretty and peaceful about them.

Along the northern coast of the Mania realm, you can find my favorite places to hang out - the small islands separated from the mainland by small, shallow channels of water. You can spot them easily from some of the cliffs that you'll pass over before reaching that northern edge. Like some of the abandoned camps mentioned above, they don't necessarily figure into the main story other than providing a good place to go creature and treasure hunting, but looking along the coast or northward out into the sea is just a really breathtaking view, particularly around sunset. I enjoy hopping from island to island, wiping out any creatures in the area and then just making camp there for a few days before moving on or returning to more important tasks at hand in the gameworld.