The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Reviews

Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles expansion pack continues to receive positive review scores, with three more popping up today. The first is at Game Almighty with an overall score of 8.3/10:
Kudos to Bethesda for going the extra mile and delivering an expansion pack worthy of their well as taking a risk on such a bizarre setting.

The second is at AtomicGamer with an overall score of 89%:
Despite a few issues, Shivering Isles is still a great addition to Oblivion. The relatively short playtime and lack of new music or any major Hollywood voice talent are all a letdown, but the gameplay is great and the imagination that went into the Madgod's world really makes this expansion pack shine. If you weren't that impressed with the original game then Shivering Isles won't turn your opinion around, but fans of Oblivion will find this one to be worthy of the return to the world of The Elder Scrolls.

And the third is at Killer Betties with an overall score of 4/5:
As a big time fan of Oblivion I couldn't wait until I got my hands on Shivering Isles, and overall I wasn't disappointed with the final product. I did run into some glitches and the issue of the overly hard enemies and weapons and armor that should have been better than what I had but weren't (as pertaining to my higher level archer character) are also issue of concern, but they are more a nuisance to the score rather than my enjoyment of the game. No matter how much I love the game, I have to take a point off from the final score. However, all Oblivion fans take note, that though this is the most expensive content yet for Oblivion, you are getting a full adventure rather than a single extended quest. Is Shivering Isles worth the $30 in Microsoft Points for you to download the content? Yep, no doubt about it.