Silverfall Reviews

A few somewhat mediocre reviews for Atari and Monte Cristo's Silverfall start off the new week. The first is at GameSpy with an overall score of 2.5/5:
Call it either a harsh learning curve or maybe a case of Stockholm Syndrome, but I thought Silverall ultimately turned out to be a pretty okay meld of Diablo and Arcanum. It's just too bad that getting to that point of being okay with it was so aggravating.

The second is at Eurogamer with an overall score of 6/10:
...action RPG veterans who are looking for a new challenge for their over-muscled index fingers could do a hell of a lot worse than investing a few hours (and indeed a few pounds) in Silverfall. It's no giant of the genre, but it's a pretty decent snack between meals.

And the third is at with an overall score of 60%:
Silverfall isn't far off being a really good game; it's just unfortunate that the bits it gets wrong cast a shadow over the whole experience. Anyone happy to live with its idiosyncrasies will probably get a lot of enjoyment out of Silverfall, for the rest of us it sits firmly on the ever growing pile of disappointingly missed opportunities.