Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Site Update

Ascaron Entertainment's official Sacred 2: Fallen Angel website has been updated with a small treasure trove of new content, including a brand new "sinister Shadow Warrior look", a half dozen screenshots, movement animations, and more. A bit about the Shadow Warrior:
The Shadow Warrior used to be a Human elite guard and he fought bravely for his sovereign during the numerous battles of the High Elven empire. His strength in battle made him a living nightmare dreaded by his enemies. Thus, he was his warlord's ultimate weapon. His strength, discipline and obedience were second to none.

However, inevitably the day will dawn, when even the best of warriors will meet his honorable end on the battlefield. The Gods called upon the elite guard's soul and brought it to the golden halls of fame where he would eternally rule as a mighty warlord.

Yet his High Elf General had different plans for him! He wanted to see him return to the battle field. Therefore, he decided to bring back the warrior's soul from the realm of the dead binding it to his lifeless body.
Elven High Priests performed an ancient ritual in order to raise him from the dead and attempted to combine it with T-Energy. Alas, the warrior's will was unrelenting and he defied the priests. The ritual failed! The Human elite fighter became the Shadow Warrior - an undead being with a sharp mind. Raging that he had been torn from paradise he killed all those present at the ceremony and escaped.

Now, he travels between the worlds as an undead being. His only desire is to return to the golden halls of the Elysium in order to find his peace. Alas, the gates are firmly locked and will not admit beings into the eternal halls if they have been created by T-Energy. Even death would not mean salvation; instead, it would throw him into the eternal doom of the dark maelstrom.