Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

Shacknews has written up a quick preview of the Xbox 360 version of Ascaron's upcoming Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.
Heiko also noted that the Xbox 360 game is currently using only "one and a half" of the CPU's three cores, giving the team room to progress. As development continues, the team plans to dedicate one core to artificial intelligence and visual effect, and one to managing the large streaming world. Within the game itself, there are expected to be no loading times. Some graphical features claimed to be made possible by the system's triple core architecture will be unique to the Xbox 360 version of the game; among these is a fluid-based simulation of the motion of leaves kicked up from the ground, creating an attractive flurry of flora as the player's character traipses through forested areas.

"We are very lucky that we do not have to reduce the quality of the monsters and characters and the effects," said Heiko on Ascaron's first move into home console development. "Everything works."