BioShock Community Q&A #3

2K Games' official BioShock community website has been updated with a new community Q&A, in which Irrational Games' Ken Levine addresses another eight questions about the FPS/RPG hybrid.
Q: What other kinds of storytelling will you be using in BioShock, other than audio logs?

A: There's about a zillion ways we tell the story of Rapture. The first, most important way is what you see. The rule was that every AI should tell a story. Even the dead are communicating a piece of the Rapture puzzle. For instance, a player might come into a bedroom and there are the corpses of a couple in a final embrace. They have the photo of young woman between them, and there are several bottles of pills on the nightstand. That's a story.

Diaries are found everywhere in Rapture that might tell you about places in the city you've haven't even seen yet. You might encounter a ghost like resonance of a victim, playing out their final moments of life. You might encounter desperate survivors, wheeling and dealing with you for one last chance to make it out of the city.