Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Review

WorthPlaying has conjured up a very enthusiastic review of Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, giving Iron Lore's expansion pack a well-deserved score of 9.0/10.
I guess it's pretty clear by now that I love Immortal Throne. I like to think that this isn't just my blind love of the franchise, and that it's merely observation of a well executed add-on. Just about every aspect of the game has been polished the multiplayer server browser is much more comprehensive now, there is a handy little real-time clock in the character window to help you keep track of how many hours you have left before the sun comes up, there are new pet options that allow you to control minion behavior, the caravan allows you to transfer items between characters so you can twink yourself (sounds dirty, doesn't it?), and there's even a convenient item filter that will prevent you from accidentally picking up vendor trash while you're clicking all over the place in a battle. Also, the music score is every bit as powerful as Titan Quest: a Hollywood film-score composition with professional quality production values. Whoever wrote this knows their music, as well as their music software. The voice acting is just as superb as before, too. In short, there is effectively nothing in Immortal Throne that isn't as good, or better, than the basic game, which makes this an absolute must-have release. There is simply no other action-RPG in existence today that's as good Titan Quest, and Immortal Throne makes the best even better.