The Lord of the Rings Online Racial Skills Detailed

Turbine's official The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar website has been updated with an overview of the game's passive racial skills. The Hobbit:
Four Square Meals
Improved Eating Hobbits get a bonus to food usage.
Adds 1.0 to Morale Regeneration in non-Combat

Hobbit Courage
Improved Fear Resistance The slow-kindled courage of the Hobbit race.
Adds 1.0% to Fear Resistance

Hobbit Toughness
Improved Vitality Hobbits are remarkably tough.
Adds 15 to Vitality

Rapid Recovery
Improved out-of-combat Morale Regeneration Hobbits recover from trying times faster than other races.
Adds 1.0 to Morale Regeneration in non-Combat

Resist Corruption
Improved Shadow Mitigation Hobbits have a great resistance to temptation.
Adds 1.0% to Shadow Mitigation

Small Size
Reduced Might Hobbits lack the physical strength of other races.
Subtracts 8 from Might