Silverfall Peek #2

A second "peek" feature for Silverfall is now available at RPG Vault, this time with project manager Jehanne Rousseau discussing the game's recruitable companions.
In addition to the action gameplay, companions help to flesh out storyline elements. If the player really engages the companions and learns more about their stories, trying to understand how they ended up at this specific point where they meet the player, why they follow the character and participate in his/her story, etc., the hero and companion will develop a relationship. The way to develop this relationship will vary from one companion to the next, as some will simply ask the player to be nice, and some will ask for... let's say... other treatment. This can lead to a situation where hero and companion become best friends, blade comrades, blood brothers, etc., and if they're 'compatible', it can even lead to the player and companion becoming love interests.