Silverfall Interview has conducted an interview with Monte Cristo's Jehanne Rousseau, in which they pass several Silverfall-related questions by the project manager.
Q: What are some of your favorite hack & slash games? Did any of them influence the design of Silverfall?

A: Developers who set out to create a hack-and-slash game and who say that they weren't influenced by previous games in the genre is probably lying. or their game will be really bad. Diablo 2 is of course a necessary base, and almost everyone on our concept team was a fan of that game. Moreover, we have of course played Sacred and Dungeon Siege, but they didn't affect the game's design as much. Eventually we played Titan Quest when it came out, but it was already a little too late (the development was already quite advanced) to really influence us. Other RPGs however, did influence us, particularly the excellent KOTOR series, Arcanum for those who remember, the Baldur's Gate series to a smaller extent, and even Oblivion and Fable. We have tried to pick up what we liked more in those worlds and stories, all while combining it with the very action-oriented gameplay.