Silverfall Peek #1

RPG Vault has conjured up their first "peek" feature for Silverfall, with project leader Jehanne Rousseau discussing the game's world history and quests.
Another part of the challenge was to write a story in which the characters are neither totally free as in pen and paper RPGs or fully tied to a single path defined by the writers, as you'd see in comic books. In Silverfall, the player is the character writing the story, and our work is to bring enough elements so he/she writes a story that pleases him/her in the end.

The storytelling was then organized as follows: the main quest is the story all players can play, whatever their choice between Nature and Science. We developed secondary quests, which were linked to the two possible alignments. They allow players to choose their faction, and benefit from specific bonuses linked to it. In addition to that, they make the town of Silverfall evolve in the player's chosen way.