Silverfall Interview

Shacknews is the latest website to bring us an interview with Monte Cristo producer Jehanne Rousseau about their upcoming fantasy action RPG, Silverfall.
Q: Just how open-ended is the game world?

A: The world is free, meaning that the player can go wherever he wants, even without worrying about finishing quests. The only thing which may stop him is the level of the monsters he meets, which may not be adapted to his level, if he walks around randomly. He can do all side quests without doing the main quest, or only do the main quest. He can take companions or advance on his own, he can choose his skills freely and buy them back if he has made a wrong choice in order to try something else. He can choose between nature and technology and see how this choice influences the world, his possible companions and, of course, his character. However, he will finally have to opt for one path or another; he can't stay neutral.