Silverfall Interviews

Both FiringSquad and RPGWatch were able to fire over some questions to Monte Cristo producer Jehanne Rousseau about their upcoming action RPG, Silverfall. An excerpt from FiringSquad's Q&A:
Q: What sort of weapons and items will Silverfall have?

A: As in any good hack-and-slash game, we've ensured that item collection is a lot of fun. Items are generated randomly, so you can spend hours searching for the best sword or piece of armor with the enchantments you're hoping for. Of course, there will also be several unique and rare items.

Followers of the technology path will be able to make use of devastating projectile weapons like guns, and once they've reached a certain level of technological involvement, they'll be able to use cyborg parts like mechanical eyes, which is a fairly new concept for a fantasy game. Nature followers will gain access to some more tribal-but-fun-looking weapons, like a living globefish mace for example, or chitin spiked armor. Of course, all this stuff can be magical, too, and it can take hours just to collect the perfect armor for your alignment with the best enchantments around.

And an excerpt from RPGWatch's Q&A:
Q: What sort of quests will the player encounter? How simple or complex are the quests and do they ever have choices or different solutions?

A: We've really aimed to appeal to fans of hack-and-slash games, as well as fans of traditional RPGs, so we've made sure to include quests that appeal to both sensibilities. We've implemented side quests focused on both the science and nature paths, so you'll certainly need to play the game a couple of times to see all of the quests. Each of the companions you'll meet throughout the game will also have their own side quests to add further depth to the experience.

There's definitely a lot more variety in the types of quests we have, compared to a traditional hack-and-slash title. Sure, there will be quests where you just need to defeat a certain monster, but you'll also get escort quests, exploration quests and more. We've really done our best to combine exciting action-oriented combat with elements usually found in traditional RPGs. To that end, some quests will definitely have different outcomes depending on the choices you make: the player will for example get a quest from a foreman whose workers don't work anymore. If the player finds them, he will learn that the workers have been visited by a druid who has tried to convince them to stop working for the factories of Cloudworks. The player can either decide to follow the foreman and convince the workers of the benefits of technology, or follow the druid's approach and make sure that the workers will never go back to the factory.. The compensation and the loyalty points will, of course, depend on the path chosen.