Titan Quest v1.30 Patch Released

THQ and Iron Lore have released an official v1.30 patch for Titan Quest, which fixes several bugs and introduces a few more balance changes to the action RPG. If you have picked up a copy of Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, then you already have the patch available on the expansion disc. The notes:

- Fixed a bug where screen shake would occur across all players in a multiplayer game when it was caused by one player

- Fixed a bug where Merchants dialog would not play in some localized languages

- Fixed vitality damage resist so it shows properly in the UI

- Fixed a bug where disabling the day/night cycle did not work in a multiplayer game

- Fixed a crash bug where projectiles would travel outside the rendered gameplay space

- Fixed a crash bug where the physics engine could attempt to access objects after they had been removed from the world

- Fixed a crash bug where the game could possibly attempt to update the location of a character that had already died

- Fixed a crash bug affecting defective monster patrol points

- Fixed a crash bug involving target leading with projectiles

- Made code adjustments in preparation for Titan Quest Immortal Throne expansion including version compatibility and MOD compatibility

- Fixed virtual memory test to allow for machines with more than 4 gigs of virtual memory


- Increased the unique item drop rate on boss chests on both first encounters and subsequent playthroughs

- Increased the unique item drop rate on Epic and Legendary "exclusive" monsters

- Reduced the difficulty on Typhon on normal difficulty level

- Fixed several pieces of common equipment with extreme armor values

- Fixed an issue with the Ancestral Warrior skill where it was not improving as skill points were invested at higher levels

- Adjusted the Study Prey skill

If you don't plan on picking up the expansion pack, you can either download the patch via the "Updates" button on the game's main menu or grab it directly from WorthPlaying.