Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Interview, Part One

RPG Vault is offering up the first installment of a new Sacred 2: Fallen Angel interview with Ascaron Entertainment creative director Hans-Arno Wegner.
Q: With respect to the player characters, what range of options will Sacred 2 offer? What key choices arise at the creation or selection stage?

A: We'll offer a choice of six characters. Every character has its own unique look, fighting style, background and motivation - a reason for entering the storyline. Each character has three Aspects that are suited to that character and his or her background. Each aspect contains a range of Combat Arts, and represents an alternative gameplay style. You can specialize in one single aspect or combine two or three together.

Our characters are designed to bring something new to the genre. Our choice of characters is just one reflection of how Sacred stands out in a crowd. We know that the characters are a key element of any RPG title. Players need to feel attached to their choices. We want to give every character something special. Even those that fit classic gameplay styles at first glance will have some unexpected but very cool aspects or abilities.

The key choice you have to make at the creation stage is "How do I want to play Sacred 2?" If you want to play a specialized close combat fighter, then the Shadow Warrior could be your choice. If you want an elegant fighter with the ability to use magic, then you will perhaps choose the Seraphim. But each character has a wide range of playing styles that can be developed over the course of the game, making for multiple variations of each.

After choosing your character, you have to choose your destiny. Do you want to be the hero in shining armor, or care only for your own goals? Beside this, there is another decision to make. Every character is associated with a protective god, and your choice of deity will further affect the gameplay and character progression.