Silverfall Preview

Escapist Magazine is next in line with a hands-on preview of Atari and Monte Cristo's fantasy/steampunk action RPG, Silverfall.
While the nature-oriented cities are your usual fantasy fare-quite lovely, green-the ones run by technologists are steampunk havens of whirling gears, smokestacks belching blackness, and shady types muttering about building inhuman creations out of flesh, magic, and gears. The enemies around them are bizarre steampunk creations, "dragons" that look like reptiles, until you get to the wheels and mechanical bits, for example. While I'm sure the Nature side has many fun and exciting career opportunities, let's be fair here, before Level 10 my goblin was already a budding industrialist who dressed like Indiana Jones, shot ice and lightning from his fingertips, carried a high-powered rifle, and was busy making deals with shady characters in the name of progress. That, friends, is the kind of role-playing I like to see.