Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Preview

GameSpot has published a final hands-on preview of Iron Lore's Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, just in time for the expansion pack's imminent release.
In addition to the interface tweaks, there are hundreds of new items to find in Immortal Throne. There are even entirely new types of items, which means that you'll probably really need to make use of that autosort button in your inventory. Scrolls are one new item type that work like one-time-use skills and buffs, but they're much more powerful than the skills and buffs your characters learn. One example we were given was the scroll of vampirism, which drains the life out of all the enemies in a large area and gives that life to your character. The scrolls don't come cheap, though; you'll have to purchase them at a premium rate from merchants. Additionally, there are 75 artifacts that you can create to buff your character. To get an artifact, you first have to find an arcane formula and then take the formula along with the required ingredients to an enchanter, who will assemble the artifact for you.