Titan Quest v1.30 Patch Coming Soon

Iron Lore's Mike Verrette stopped by the TitanQuest.net forums to let everyone know that the v1.30 patch shipping with Titan Quest: Immortal Throne will be made available to those who didn't buy the expansion as well. His full post:
Hello All,

I know everyone is anticipating the release of TQIT next week. I just wanted to remind everyone that if you have any unsupported MODS installed that have altered any .exe, .dll or database files you should perform a clean install of Titan Quest before installing the expansion. Reinstalling the original game will not uninstall any of your characters.

I should also be posting the patch notes for version 1.3 in the near future. Most of these changes involve prepping TQ for the expansion, but there were some tweaks made to Typhon and boss drops that I think a lot of players will be happy with :).

This patch is not essential for installing TQIT - your game will be updated in the installation process. I also want to make it clear that you do not need to purchase TQIT to get the 1.3 patch. It will be available as an in game update just as the previous patches have been.

Thanks - and we shall see you in Hades!!!