Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Interview

Shacknews has conjured up an interview with Iron Lore producer Mike Verrette about their soon-to-be-released expansion pack, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne.
Q: As with any loot-based game, storage space was an issue for many players in Titan Quest. What will Immortal Throne introduce in the way of allowing players to carry/store more awesome loot?

A: Immortal Throne will introduce caravans to the ancient world. Caravans are NPCs that serve two main functions. The first is to provide players with an inventory stash. Additional storage space can be purchased, but it is not unlimited.

The second function of the caravan is to allow players to transfer items to their other characters. By using the transfer tab in the caravan window it will be possible to start the game with one character, deposit a piece of equipment with the caravan, exit the game and then reenter with a different character, and then retrieve that item. Caravans were added to all the major cities so players restarting the campaign from the beginning to try out the dream mastery will have access to the caravans. They are not exclusive to the Immortal Throne levels.