Silverfall Designer Diary #2

GameSpot has published a second designer diary for Silverfall, in which Monte Cristo's Jehanne Rousseau reveals how the team came up with the game's art style.
For the settings, another artist, called Geyser, whose prior experience was in the comic book industry, joined the team to draw environments, such as towns, villages, swamps, and dungeons. The settings were drawn from a distant perspective and then modeled in 3D. A lot of time was spent ensuring that the environments were easily recognizable in terms of their affiliation to science or nature. Nature used inspiration from, well, nature. For instance, bird nests were used as the base of the underground nature-oriented goblin village of Dripp. For science, the idea was to go on more of a steam-punk universe, mixing "high tech" devices with organic materials like wood. For Silverfall, as it is the ultimate town in the world, the lines for the buildings were very delicate and elaborate, with a kind of elvish feeling.