Silverfall Preview is offering up their own hands-on preview of Silverfall, after spending some firsthand time with a press copy of Monte Cristo's action RPG.
And here in lies the crux of Silverfall - the battle between science and nature, and in order to fulfil the potential of your power you must choose between the two - rather pleasingly there seems to be no right or wrong choice, only the way you act once you have chosen. Obviously tech trees and the kind of weapons at your disposal are dependant on which path you have chosen - magic won't be much good to those who are technological, although that's not to say that you won't be able to throw fire or conjure electricity, only you'll have a machine to do it for you. Interestingly, the people around you are also affected by the choices you make; those who will be willing to follow you into battle will only do so if your decisions match their constitution. So it will be possible to run into battle with the 'Laughing Goblin' at your side should you swing it the Goblin way. Equally the world around you changes with your character, the very city of Silverfall revolutionises before your eyes depending on how you behave, as a result it seems that Monte Cristo have managed to create a world that lives and breathes around you.