Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Interview

ActionTrip was able to track down Ascaron Entertainment creative director Hans-Arno Wegner for a quick Q&A about their upcoming action RPG sequel, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.
Q: Regarding the plot, is it predetermined and linear, or can players look forward to various choices and alternate endings, depending on how they develop their character?

A: With the ability to freely explore the world it's the players decision whether to continue following the main quest line or not. The main story itself is linear, but varies strongly depending on the chosen campaign, "Light" or "Shadow." These campaigns have completely different endings, because the protagonist and the antagonist will be reversed in both stories. Furthermore, Sacred 2 provides a lot of side quests and "mini-stories" during the journey through Ancaria. These quests also fit the background of the chosen campaign, the character or the chosen deity.