Silverfall Preview

The guys at GameShark are next in line with a hands-on preview of Atari and Monte Cristo's upcoming action RPG, Silverfall.
As you tackle the main quests and a number of side quests, which are sorted out for you so that you know in advance, you'll gain skills points and physical attributes that will make things easy. In the earliest parts of the game your patience will be tested as you get laid out by the occasional ridiculously difficult monster, so it is important to tackle those optional side quests and to find like-minded companions that will help you stay alive. The penalty for dying is pretty much the same as any other action role-playing game in recent memory: you awake at your base camp, sans your gear. Much like the Diablo series, your gear will land where you died and you'll have to go retrive it - though it will still probably be being camped by the creature that killed you. The side quest are oftentimes more than just about gaining skills points and expereince though. For example, one might give you access to a place to store some extra loot, while another might give you the ability to purchase insurance for your gear so that you don't drop it when you die. Sure, you can get by without these extra things in the game, but why take chances if you don't have to?