Silverfall Previews

A couple more hands-on previews for Atari and Monte Cristo's Silverfall have made their way to the 'net. The first is at WorthPlaying:
Arguably the single most inventive and unique feature of Silverfall is the faction system that allows you to choose between the "old ways" of nature and the "industrial revolution" of technology. The entire game is peppered with quests that push your allegiance in one direction or another, instantly creating a massive amount of room for replay value (and that's not counting the full LAN and internet multiplayer out-of-the-box, either). Moreover, there are entire categories of weapons, armor, and other equipment that is locked to either nature or technology. For example, I decided to work my troll toward tech, and after installing a massive grunting gas-extractor in a swamp, I got enough technology allegiance that I could start using steam-hammers, chainsaw-swords, and "Mad Max"-chic headgear. Flight goggles look so sweet on a hulking troll carrying a two-handed maul that consists of about half a ton worth of hydraulic-powered steel. I'm getting off-point, however; your faction also opens a new skill tree, which falls under the Other category.

And the second is at RPGWatch:
You don't choose a class or other characteristics while creating your character - instead you shape your character by assigning skill points and attribute points as you gain levels. This system is similar to the ones used in games such as Sacred, where you allocate skill points in various parts of a tree structure - but this game doesn't ever force you to pick a path. This is a great feature - even though most players are likely to chose a single archetype such as make or fighter or archer to pursue. The depth of the skill system is another attraction - there are sub-paths within magic and fighting and 'other' skills that allow you to specialize and become a master of Air Magic, for example. Each rank assigned to a skill produces a real and measurable effect that you can carry immediately into battle.