Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Previews

A trio of new previews for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning are now online, all of which are based on what was learned during a recent EA Mythic conference call. The first is at Warhammer Alliance:
Loot distribution will be handled several different ways, very random rewards, all the way up to very planned out mechanisms. IE, the Public Quest system, where you get to pick your rewards. There's a lot of ways, drops from monsters, drops from players, drops from RvR capital cities, where you can pick up loot from loot piles, rewards from capturing enemy kings, and their capital cities. Long story short, you get what you deserve, and you get what you work for.

The second is at RPGLand:
WAR will feature Personal Transportation (mounts), Mass transportations which will consist of point a-b travel on a predetermined route, also mentioned was the Orc-a-pault. The devs made mention that they believe it asinine to force players to travel to a location before having the ability to travel there.

And the third is at MMORPG.com:
The only penalty for Death in the game is time. They are still in talks about a death sickness type of effect. Casters will have to stop and concentrate to cast spells; however, some of the instant spells can be cast on the run. There is Collision Detection in the game. The Collision Detection does not impact line of sight though. So even though you will bump into players, characters can not block attacks against people standing behind the front line. The NPCs will not have full voiceover chat for quests; they will make sounds and interact, but not force you to sit and listen through the entire epic tale of a quest. In regards to transportation there are personal and group transports in game. Also, Paul mentioned you don't have to run somewhere first to get a transport there. I hope that covered some of the random game mechanics that were mentioned, there were a lot on the call.