Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

The folks at ActionTrip have put together a quick preview of Ascaron Entertainment's upcoming Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.
As opposed the previous game, Sacred 2 features crucial moral choices throughout the experience. The Seraphim class is a good example for this. Though once benevolent, this race has been severely influenced by evil. This, of course, has a tremendous effect on their armor, weapons and fighting style. Hence, if you decided to play as the Seraphim, you'll be able to alter everything from weaponry and a wide array of armor, to the shape and size of your might wings. The alignment you have chosen also determines how NPCs look upon your character - to the NPCs, you can either be a fried or a foe. It all depends on whether the player prefers a dark or light personality. Actually, a lot in the game depends on your will and the choices they you make along the way. In addition to that, spells, skills and various combat moves can be developed freely and may also be customized via a tree-based system.