Titan Quest State of the Game

Iron Lore's Mike Verrette has once again stopped by the TitanQuest.net forums, bringing us up to speed on the current progress of their Titan Quest: Immortal Throne expansion pack.
Hello All,

I apologize for my absence last month with my usual state of the game post. As you can well imagine we have been going like crazy here to finish up TQ Immortal Throne. I am happy to announce we finally have the new website up which features the trailer, some new screen shots, some cool wallpaper as well as a bunch of links to TQIT press and interviews.

That can be found and consumed here:

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Folks can also expect to see a bunch of preview coverage from the media in the next few weeks - I believe Game Spot had theirs up already at the end of last week. Dev Diary 03 should be hitting the airwaves in the near future as well as more installments of the Designers Guides over at IGN. I think Gametrailers.com even has the hi-rez version of the TQIT trailer which looks pretty sweet.

There should be a lot of new information coming to the TitanCalc website in the next few weeks about the dream mastery. We have been working with Mark to try and get him what he needs to get the new skill tab plugged into his matrix so people can start experimenting with some builds. I'm sure he will be posting in the forums when he has that all incorporated. That can be found here:

TitanCalc by stonedonkey - A Titan Quest Calculator

Also for those interested, I recently did an interview with Mix magazine about game audio and there is a bit of info in there about the TQ games so some of you may find it interesting. That is available online at:

Mix magazine Insider Audio-Paul Lehrman Interviews Mike Verrette of Iron Lore Entertainment About Audio for Video Games

Other than that we are in great shape to meet our March 5th ship date! The team is catching a little bit of a breather and then we are ramping back up on a whole bunch of stuff that I of course can not talk about!! But that's how it goes in the ever so glamorous world of video game production.

Hope everyone has a great weekend... and I shall see you all in Hades soon!!