The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Previews

IGN PC and Games Radar have each conjured up their own hands-on preview of Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles expansion pack. An excerpt from the article at IGN PC:
Our descent into Dunroot Burrow wasn't without a catch. In order to even get in, we had to ingest a serving of Felldew, which acts like a drug. It gives you a temporary boost, then plunges your character into various stages of withdrawal. The reason Thadon wants the Chalice of Reversal so badly is so he can experience the euphoria of Felldew consumption without the negatives, which the Chalice was designed to remove. We got the initial serving of Felldew off an Elytra, a fearsome insect with a glowing posterior. Throughout the rest of the Burrows, which were a collaboration of pocked dirt walls, phosphorescent fungi, and spiny exposed roots, we had to continue to find Elytra outlined in green, which indicated they were carrying another sample of Felldew. If we went too long without eating the drug, we'd be given a warning, then get hit with willpower, speed, and endurance debuffs, followed by random periods of unconsciousness. We eventually came upon a stone door in the depths of the Burrows, which led to the Chalice's chamber. Unfortunately, the Chalice was surrounded by Felldew addicts, who were presumably so numbed by the drug's effects that they could absorb a superhuman amount of damage. Instead of trying to take them all out, we just took the Chalice and ran.

And an excerpt from the article at Games Radar:
Seeing as you're climbing up the chain of nobility, meanwhile, you're also expected to grow a healthy disdain for the tiresome adventurers who keep bundling into the realm with the intention of slaying beasts, looting treasure and generally making a nuisance of themselves. As such, one of the main quests is a direct homage to the venerable Bullfrog box of fun that was Dungeon Keeper. Sheogorath, you see, has a spare dungeon in Xedilian that he uses partly for testing people and partly for keeping unwanted mortal visitors busy. Once you've worked your way through its intricacies yourself, it's up to you and a vast array of booby-traps, pits and heavy swinging objects to deal with one such party of have-a-go adventurers who are dead-set on stealing its fictional treasures.