Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Preview

Gameworld Network has put together a two-page preview of Iron Lore's Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, based on what information is currently available about the upcoming expansion pack.
As far as the abundant money characters seem to amass, Iron Lore seeks to solve this problem by giving players more to spend their money on. One such monetary diversion lies in the new enchanters that can be found among other vendors in the games. The services offered by enchanters include separating items from relics and creating artifacts. Artifacts which are also new are special items that can be created when players find an arcane formula. Simply take the arcane formula and the materials required by the formula to an enchanter and for a small (or perhaps very large) fee they will construct the special artifact before your very eyes. Scrolls have also been added to the market for players to purchase. These are basically one-shot spells or buffs that players can carry around and use at their leisure.